Los Angeles is one of those cities that is aesthetically appealing due to its beautiful landscape. Integrated into that landscape are fabulous cars, and good-looking people with hot bodies and great clothes. One can’t help but want those things too. But you could go broke just trying to make it in this town, let alone be like the rich and famous, that can actually afford those things, because nothing is cheap here. But that has never stopped people from coming to LA. The beauty lures them from all over the world. People want what they see, and some will sink everything they have into coming to LA just to be in the company of all that glitters. 

Los Angeles is no joke. A 2015 study ranked California the fifth most expensive state in the United States to live in, preceded only by Hawaii, Connecticut, New York, and Alaska. The homeless rate in LA is  higher than in a lot of other major cities and this is because many people didn’t save enough money before arriving here, and they failed to properly plan their move. I am one example of this. 

I had a plan and a goal date before I moved to LA, but circumstances beyond my control prohibited me from carrying out my plan. By the time my moving date came around, life had thrown me a number of curve balls that I was still dealing with, so I was way short on money, and I did not have anything in place in LA. Instead of taking time to re-evaluate the situation, set a new goal date and save up some more money, I decided to go forward with my move and hope for the best. I had been unhappily living in Arizona for around ten years, and I didn’t feel like I could take another month there. So, I jumped in my car with $250 in my purse, a couple weeks’ worth of clothes, and a Walkman, and I headed to LA. I was twenty-two years old, and I didn’t have a care in the world. I couldn’t wait to get to the beach.

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