Why I Wrote This Book
I wrote this book because I encountered a lot of obstacles when I moved to Los Angeles. I didn’t make a good move, and as a result, I faced many difficulties. I wanted to share some of my experiences and give some advice to people who are considering moving to LA. I see young men and women everyday who have moved here and they are now living on the streets because things didn’t work out the way they expected them to. If I can get people to think twice about moving to Los Angeles, and to seriously prepare for the move, I think the outcome could be different for some people. If am able to help even a handful of people with my book, I will feel as though I have accomplished something.
About the Author
Carla Roxanne is a Senior Executive Assistant for one of the top insurance companies in the nation. She has spent many years in administration supporting and organizing some of the highest-ranking executives in Los Angeles. In her spare time, she writes poetry and short stories. Blessed with the gift of gab, she has an innate ability to draw people to her through her stories. The Single Girl’s Guide to Conquering LA is Carla’s freshman project. Visit her website dramaqueenprod.com for details of her next book. Born in White Plains, New York, Carla currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. While many situations in this book were made light of, every year there are young girls reported missing, and most of them are just everyday people with stars in their eyes, who took a chance on moving to Los Angeles. Don’t become a statistic. Be prepared and stay vigilant.
A true story of life
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12 Things You Don’t Know About Me
1) I am a morning person. I can get up early in the morning and be very productive. I go out grocery shopping in the early morning hours so I don’t have to be bothered with finding parking spaces or having to stand in long lines. I like to get all of my errands done so that I’m back home before noon and I have the rest of the day to relax or do whatever I want to.
2) I’m a bit of a perfectionist, almost a bit OCD. I like order to the point to where I know exactly where everything is situated in my space, and I will know when someone has moved something to a different position. Friends sometimes pull my chain because they see that everything is situated just so in my place, so they move an item slightly while I’m in another room to see if I will pick up on it. When I return to the room, I usually automatically move the item back to its rightful place. I once came home from work and knew right away by the way the door felt when I unlocked it that someone had been in my home. After doing a walk-through of the apartment, I found some items missing and I found a clue that led me to realize I had been robbed.
3) I was extremely insecure as a child. I was taller than 95% percent of the other kids at school, and my legs were long, even back then. When it was time to take class photos, I always had to stand in the back row because I towered over all the other students. Back then, being tall was not a favorable thing, so I often tried to blend into the background like wallpaper to draw little to no attention to myself. I wasn’t at all comfortable with who I was, and I was always afraid to speak up and ask questions in class. I was often bullied for being different.
4) I’m the “Queen of Quick” when it comes to cooking. I don’t like to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals, so I learned to make quick, tasty, nutritional meals that my friends and family love. I try to prepare enough for three or four days so that I have leftovers to eat for a couple more days, which limits the amount of time that I spend in the kitchen preparing meals.
5) I am somewhat musically inclined. I sang in the choir at school, I played the flute in the school band, and I had a brief stint in a high school marching band. I also played the organ growing up (nobody calls it that anymore – now it’s “keyboards”) because there was one in our home, so I taught myself to play it.
6) I was once a contestant on the dating show “Love Connection”. I was put in a line-up with two other women, and I was chosen to go on a date with the love seeker. After speaking with the gentleman on the phone, I backed out of the date because he didn’t seem like my type at all, he came across as being phony, and I felt that the date would have been a disaster. Besides, I had second thoughts about airing the details of my date publicly.
7) I’ve always been fascinated by court jesters that were employed to entertain during the medieval and renaissance eras. Their colorful costumes and gymnastics abilities are appealing to me. I started collecting jester dolls and masks years ago and I have a nice little collection.
8) My family believes that I am the reincarnation of my paternal grandmother. My father’s mother died the year I was born. Prior to passing, she was able to hold me in her arms. I never knew her, but my whole family swears that everything about me is just like her, including my demeanor and mannerisms.
9) By the time I was in my late teens, I had developed the gift of gab, which was in stark contrast to who I was when I was younger. My gift got me out of many situations that could have turned out really bad. But it also got me entrance into different events for free. I received free gifts, got into concerts for free, and I even became friends with different celebrities.
10) When I was a little girl, I was absolutely terrified of nuns. There was something about the habit nuns wore that frightened me. I had always been a bit nervous about religion. I was raised Baptist, and at church at least one woman each week would be touched by the Holy Spirit. They would get out of their seats and start dancing around, and moving in a manner that made them seem as if they were convulsing. I remember seeing the ushers come to their rescue and try to calm them down by fanning them and grabbing hold of them. This behavior always scared me. I think that as a result, I had difficulty whenever I saw nuns in their habit, because it reminded me of the church days.
11) Between the ages of two and nine, I lived in Philadelphia, PA. There were Black people, and there were White people in our neighborhood. That’s all I was accustomed to seeing. So, the first time I laid eyes on an Asian person, I froze in my tracks for a moment, then I found myself running in the opposite direction. My mother used to be so embarrassed by my behavior. It never failed that when we would visit my grandmother’s neighborhood, which was actually more diverse than ours, we would go shopping. Grandmom lived near a main street where there was a great shopping district. As I would walk along holding my mother’s hand, we had to pass by a convent, and we would also see an occasional Asian person. I used to pray that I wouldn’t see a nun come out of the convent or an Asian person along our journey. Either one would be enough to send me sprinting in the opposite direction.
12) I come from a family of laughers. Growing up, my aunts on my father’s side used to laugh a lot, and I definitely picked up that trait. I love to laugh, and people tell me that I have an infectious laugh. I find humor in the slightest little thing. I walk around laughing all the time, and other people that I encounter find themselves laughing when they’re around me, even though they don’t have a clue what they’re laughing about.
A true story of life
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